Difference Between a Hotel and a B&B

Bed and breakfast are sometimes described as mini-hotels as the differences between the two are not so grand. The idea for the creation of B and Bs came from a need to have simpler vacation houses that do not require many rooms or much capital to bring to life.

In terms of structure, hotels are

In terms of structure, hotels are usually set up in an apartment or complete structures while its counterpart looks like a home that is rented out for guests to sleep in for a few nights. You would feel more comfortable in a bed and breakfast as opposed to a stay in a hotel. The setup in an inn makes it look like you are visiting friends who happen to reside in a different state. Hotels would rather have a more professional ambiance from the name at the door to the final stay. The owners, or board directors, of a hotel are rarely ever seen mixing with the guests, chatting them up next to the pool and neither wanting to know whether they are enjoying their meals. In an inn, the owner basically lives there, so mingling with the guests is part of their job description. They socialize with the clients for as long as they want them around and only choose to offer some privacy when clients show signs that they would rather be alone.

Difference Between a Hotel and a B&B

Rooms in a hotel happen to look monotonous, with bed covers, views, and the same kinds of bathrooms. Bed and breakfast rooms each have a unique style, no room has the same amenities as the next one. They make great locations for private ceremonies as inns are more intimate as well as offer beautiful sceneries for weddings, graduations, or simple dinners. Hotels are more suitable for team building, conferencing, or just for a one night stay.

Running a hotel would require you to hire several staff members to handle the facility as there is much to be done and larger ground to be covered. Inns however can be run by one person or countable staff since there is hardly enough space to accommodate them as well as the guests. Meals in a hotel are prepared by an array of chefs who uniformly make continental dishes, but as for ‘mini-hotels’, the owner has to pick up slack by preparing foods that are homely, yet of good quality. You might miss out on a homemade dish in a hotel but will get a chance to try out meals you’ve probably never heard of.

Inns are usually individually owned but hotels are run in chains by a board of directors, who have to occasionally meet to discuss progress annually or bi-annually. The pricing ranges according to seasons, you are more likely to get discounts on either facility during the low season. The room rate at an inn is usually half the price of a one night stay at a hotel, making them more budget-friendly. Hotels charge when you use their extra amenities such as a minibar, parking, or even a late checkout. Whether you choose a hotel or a bed and breakfast for your vacation stay, be sure to make it worthwhile.

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