Owning and Running a Bed and Breakfast

Anyone who plans on quitting their everyday job to run a small B and B should be prepared to work hard, much harder than when living alone. Working from home, being your own boss sounds fantastic, but a person will need to research before diving into the business. Assuming that all legalities are in place, you should be well on your way into running the small business. A day running the same establishment is not spent counting dollars, serving breakfast, or chatting up over a beer, even though the latter is part of great customer service.

Running a bed and breakfast means early mornings as well as late nights. Some clients have late check-ins or make last-minute bookings, other times a host would have to stay up late to entertain the customers. Early mornings are usually spent preparing breakfast as well as bookkeeping. Some would prefer to be left alone to enjoy their stay, but most demand time in addition to a burst of energy. Personal privacy is not something you can count on once you own a bed and breakfast.

People with disabilities, kids, pets should

Renovations need to be made on a bed and breakfast to make the place more appealing to guests. Ensuring the bedrooms are fitted with quality amenities for in-town guests is a necessity. People mostly like to relax when away from home, so getting a warm, relaxing ambiance is necessary for all the rooms. Renovations, as well as maintenance, may run through a person’s finances depending on how many rooms are on their property. Most of the ones already in place are known for their frosty glasses and lemonade served on the porch, as well as cookies in the kitchen warm at all times. Amenities that make your place stand out from the rest, like installing a jacuzzi, having heated bathroom floors, having an iPad in every room, creating a porch with swings, having stables, are a great investment.

People with disabilities, kids, pets should be taken into consideration when running a B and B. As a host, you need to be sure that everything is ready in-house before receiving any clients. If you run a large establishment, an extra hand to handle everything from greeting guests, cleaning rooms, and cooking the ‘breakfast’ to being served in their rooms is necessary. As the manager, a person would have to live in the establishment, to keep everything running smoothly especially in the first few months after opening.

Owning and Running a Bed and Breakfast

A person will need to create a website along with social media accounts that they will manage for advertisements. Take photos from different angles that show the best things about the place. Platforms such as Trip Advisor or booking.com offer channel management services that give the upper hand to businesses by allowing guests to make reviews and reservations. The rooms set up will have to be with a target market in mind for either couples, retirees, friends, or colleagues. It is not all doom or gloom when working on your business, a vast majority of guests are fantastic, and sometimes it feels just like you have some of your friends over.

Being a host or hostess will be a fantastic experience to meet new people, both local and international.

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