Staff Detail for a 60 Room Hotel

The hotel industry is among industries that have operating systems that are hard to manage and will only make a profit when the full focus of every worker is harvested. The industry’s aim is always towards a great experience for guests so that they can stay for a longer time and consider visiting again. Due to this nature, the priority of most hoteliers is having rooms as clean as possible and well organized. The workers that are responsible for cleanliness/organization are called room attendants. Room attendants are responsible for keeping unoccupied rooms clean so that they’re ready anytime a guest shows up.

They can handle an average of

They can handle an average of 10-14 rooms a day and therefore for a 60 room hotel, about 6 workers will be needed. Clean environments are statistically shown to attract individuals, that is what makes hoteliers focus so much on it. For occupied rooms, however, different workers are required for maintenance. A housekeeper is a person responsible for the cleanliness of an occupied room. Most of the work they do is similar to room attendants except that they handle used items like towels and robes. The similarity also reflects the number of workers doing that work that’ll be needed.

To prevent laziness of these two

To prevent laziness of these two types of workers, another employee is needed to keep them on their toes. A housekeeping manager does that plus ensuring that reports are well handled in their field. They’re supposed to supervise over general cleanliness as well. Only one will be needed because most of the cleaning work happens during the daytime. A housekeeping manager is supposed to supervise hotel housekeepers as well; the employees that are responsible for cleaning public hotel resources like staircases, lifts, corridors, etc. Five hotel housekeepers will be required for a 60 room hotel.

Staff Detail for a 60 Room Hotel

All these employees are in the first place supposed to be employed by someone. A hotel manager’s duty apart from all other overseeing duties is to employ. All the staff that have already been mentioned are supposed to be employed by the manager since they’re well-trained for that. They’re also responsible for overseeing many other fields because their responsibility is well stretched. A hotel manager’s salary will take a big chunk from the profits so the hotel is supposed to make money. Responsibility for making money falls on an employee called a Sales manager. Many years in business school should have them equipped with several business strategies to give life to the hotel’s finances.

Business strategies that they enact are the reasons that hotels have concierges. These are the welcome guys that hotels usually have at their doors handing out flyers and helping guests out with their luggage. Treatment is important in marketing, it is what makes employing 2 concierges important too; taking the day’s shift while the other is running the night’s shift. Sales managers oversee funds that get released for supplies and maintenance. Supplies are handled by yet another business school elite called a Resort Manager who will make sure that stock and supply are well-balanced with profit for the hotel. Maintenance will be handled by two people, both being maintenance engineers.

A hotel with 60 rooms should be a buy one, more often than not things will get broken or wear out. If guests are still expected to come in, having a team that does repairs is primary. With all these people running up and down, communication is key to maintaining a self-reliant system. The easiest way hotels do this is by placing a front desk receptionist that knows about all aspects of the hotel. Guests communicate with the hotel in general via a receptionist. Any complaints, inquiries, or questions are made to the receptionist and it is her role to talk to the concerned fields. This makes it much easier than the guests having a phone number for each hotel staff whenever they want to settle something.

The nights are different in hotels, there is less activity and most of the staff are usually not around. Due to less activity, another employee called a night auditor comes in and fills in all other spaces that might be having work including front desk operations. They’re some of the busiest employees in general and their salaries reflect. Keeping all these employees in mind, a total of 30 employees are necessary for the basic operation of a 60 room hotel. If the hotel gains popularity and activity increases, this number may increase accordingly.

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